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Demo Trooper


44 NPCs found
Archon Elite Mercenary55EliteE R
Berserk Czerka Droid26 - 27StrongTatooineE R
Black Talon Security Droid50StandardThe Black TalonE R
Black Talon Security Droid10StandardThe Black TalonE R
Brentaal Star Trooper50StandardThe Black TalonE R
Brentaal Star Trooper10StandardThe Black TalonE R
Cartel Commando54 - 55StandardE R
Cartel Elite Marine51 - 52EliteE R
Cold Assault Defense Droid39 - 40StrongHothE R
CorSec Prison Sentry49 - 50EliteCorelliaE R
Dread Guard Commando53StrongE R
Esh-kha Ravager42 - 43StrongBelsavisE R
Exchange Salvage Droid25 - 26StrongTatooineE R
Fierce White Maw Fleet Master39 - 40StrongHothE R
General Aakars18ChampionBalmorraE R
Hagen LongmyreMarket Marauder9 - 11EliteCoruscantE R
Imperial Battle Trooper49 - 50StandardE R
Imperial Control Droid48EliteCorelliaE R
Imperial Demolition Master47 - 48StrongCorelliaE R
Imperial Enforcer Droid47 - 48StandardCorelliaE R
Imperial Glacial Commander37 - 38StrongHothE R
Imperial Guard50StandardThe EsselesE R
Imperial Guard10StandardThe EsselesE R
Imperial Heavy Guard26 - 27StandardTatooineE R
Imperial Sentinel32 - 33StandardBalmorraE R
Imperial Weapons Guard55StandardE R
Lanar Mercenary28 - 29EliteAlderaanE R
Mandalorian Stalker24 - 25StrongTatooineE R
Mechasecurity Droid42EliteBelsavisE R
Mercenary Enforcer45 - 47StandardE R
Militia Officer25 - 26StrongTatooineE R
Organa Protector40StandardAlderaanE R
Ortoggan the Mercenary9StrongHuttaE R
Rebel Slave Demolitionist12StrongDromund KaasE R
Regulator Deep Assault Captain55StrongE R
Republic Lab Guard30 - 31StandardNar ShaddaaE R
Republic Recon Commando27 - 28EliteTatooineE R
Republic Troope Cine 110StandardE R
Republic Troope Cine 210StandardE R
Republic Weapons Guard55StandardE R
Resistance Sentry17 - 18StandardBalmorraE R
Ulgo Grenadier28 - 29StandardAlderaanE R
Ulgo Royal Guardsman31EliteAlderaanE R
Ulgo Royal Guardsman31WeakAlderaanE R
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