Changes in Patch 1.0.1

The Torhead team has been hard at work the last few weeks since launch to bring you best database site for Star Wars: The Old Republic and as a treat we are going to show you some of the new things we?ve data-mined in 1.0.1 which was released today!

Just remember this is a small peek at what you should expect to see in the coming months as new patches are released for SWTOR and rest assured we will be right on top of each and every one of them.







Other Important Changes

PvP Changes

There have been some reportedly drastic changes made to the PvP warzones, at least in terms of the gains acquired for completing the scenario and rewards for winning. Reports have indicated that losing a warzone results in about half the amount of experience you might get for winning, which previously (if you played well) were about equal if you played well throughout the match. Commendations, credits, and valor earned appear to be about the same, but obviously this requires a bit more testing by our staff and players to confirm the exact changes. This fix may have been implemented after the PvP leveling rumors ran amok in the first few weeks of Early Access, but other motivations may have played a factor as well, such as a general slowing of PvP leveling speed.

TL;DR Version

  • Experience gained from Warzones has been cut in half.
  • Winning is about the same or slightly higher.
  • Commentations, credits and valor didn't change.


  • Slicing has received a huge nerf. Reportedly credit boxes from missions is now a net loss that is unless you "crit" the mission.
  • Gathering nodes now have an an indictator above them to make them easier to find

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