Battlefield 1 Game Review

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battlefield-1 game reviewBattlefield 1 is the latest incarnation of the long-running fps series, and the good news is that EA Dice have delivered what may turn out to be a modern day classic. It’s fair to say that while in their own right pretty passable games, both Battlefield 3 and 4 didn’t quite deliver the jaw-dropping experience most fans were hoping for. Both were arguably released too early and beset with bugs that took too long to be ironed out. While Battlefield 1 will also require patches to fix a few niggles it is a much more polished product than we’ve seen of late and breathes much needed fresh life into first person campaign and multiplayer shooters.

The Battlefield 1 Experience

Many fans of the genre have been saying for years how much they’d like a WW1 based shooter game. Until now developers have instead been releasing games at the opposite end of the spectrum, focusing on next generation fictional conflicts which quite simply haven’t appealed to all aficionados of this style of gaming. Battlefield 1 offers a variety of campaigns and characters for the player to experience, all of which are based upon real historical campaigns. These range from cavalry charges through the Saharan desert to the beaches of Gallipoli, and of course also the meat grinder that was the trench warfare of the Western Front.

Make no mistake this game is incredibly ambitious and could easily have become lost in its own ambition and at first glances sheer complexity. Quite amazingly the developers have pretty much aced the control system, making the control of tanks and aircraft very easy to pick up. It’s quite reminiscent of the GTA series in this single regard, as taking charge of weapons and vehicles is very intuitive. Most players will be performing barrel rolls during spectacular aerial dogfights within no time at all!

Gameplay & Performance

The Battlefield series has always tried to provide players with a degree of autonomy on how their reach their objectives, and this latest edition really takes this to a new level. In many ways Battlefield 1 takes an opposite approach to gameplay than the rival COD series, relying much less on spectacular yet linear set-pieces and instead allowing players to stumble across these dramatic moments in their own time. Each mission/campaign takes place over huge maps which is certain to add plenty of replayability to the single player mode, and the multiplayer battles will likely be enjoyed for many hours indeed. Online battles will feature up to 64 players fighting in a wide variety of game styles, including the familiar deathmatches and capture the flag.

As may be expected the graphics are incredibly well rendered and Battlefield 1 is certainly one of the most visually striking games of recent times. While playing a careful nod to the historical providence upon which the game is based, there’s a decided steampunk theme to much of the game which the design team has clearly enjoyed incorporating into the game. The game plays perfectly smoothly on Xbox One and PS4, yet really requires a high-performance PC to make best of the glorious visuals. PC gamer’s who have high-quality monitors and powerful rigs will be treated with a fantastic experience.

Where To Pick Up Battlefield 1

As would be expected Battlefield 1 has swiftly climbed to the top of the sales charts on all systems for which it’s currently available. Some stores have reported limited stocks due to the sheer popularity of the release, but these will likely be remedied very soon. As ever the most convenient way to source a copy is via Xbox marketplace and PS4 Store, with Steam also being a good option for PC players too. Bear in mind that given this is a very notable and long anticipated release, at the time of writing it has been priced firmly in the premium price bracket across all formats. Players are strongly advised to shop around as prices will likely vary considerably. You can also purchase the game from Amazon but some of the prices are quite high so maybe consider using Mamma for an Amazon discount code.

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Final Thoughts

To put it simply Battlefield 1 is an essential purchase for any player who enjoys immersive first person combat games. The fact that it takes us to a previously unexplored conflict and delivers in groundbreaking style really does make this a serious contender for game of the year across all platforms. While not quite utterly reinventing this style of game it offers so much new content in an accessible and incredibly fun way, that players are pretty much guaranteed real value for money with this game. In a nutshell, this is a five-star experience that really must not be missed.