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By terraxzohar at 2011-11-27 08:43:00

IF you plan on participating in SPACE COMBAT i urge you to buy your GRADE 1 upgrades as soon as they become available (lvs 14-17). The full set would cost you $3,600.
These I bought from Ensing Brukes in the SouthWest corner of the Imperial Fleet (the first place you come to after your origin planet). She is in the same shop with ground mounts (speeder bikes yay!). To equip them press "C" for character screen. The tabs for Character, SHIP, and companion are at the bottom.
Grade 1 Beam Charger $600
Grade 1 Beam Generator $600
Grade 1 Energy Shield $650
Grade 1 Missile Magazine $700
Grade 1 Shield Regenerator $650
Grade 1 Ship Armor $500 ( i got this as a reward from the first space combat i did so you could skip this and save yourself the money)

-Space Combat for Dummies-
Objects in space have mass. So it's not like your normal gameplay where you can run right through another person. If you smash into a ship or an asteroid, you take damage.
Enemies starfighters coming head-on at you have priority over the ones who are flying away. Why? Cause their lasers are pointed AT YOU!
You do not fully control which direction you fly (unrealistic i know) basically you fly in a "channel" and just shoot stuff in sight.
Lasers are UNLIMITED (Left Mouse button Default) so press down on that mouse and hold it down through the whole freaking fight.....
Missles ARE LIMITED (Right mouse button default) so use them on Elite targets (yellow shield), capital ship turbolases, and shield generators.
Fleet Commendations are given for successful missions, you can buy stuff, like a full pilots uniform (takes a LOT) from a vendor behind the starship upgrades guy on the Imperial Fleet.

By V1OL3N7JAY at 2011-11-21 09:14:54
I got my ship just as I was finishing up questing in Dromund Kaas. It's very easy to navigate the interior and find where everything is, very similar design to the ship you use in the Knights of the Old Republic. Plus this is where you get your second companion.
By Yenoren at 2011-11-23 00:37:53

Taken from SWTOR official website www.swtor.com

About this ship


Featuring an advanced hyperdrive and state-of-the-art sub-light engines, the Fury is the most versatile starship in the Imperial fleet. Though initially designed for high-priority military missions, the Fury has become a favorite among Sith Lords and the latest models have been engineered accordingly. The Fury?s angular design combines the maneuverability of smaller Imperial fighters like the Interceptor with impressive armament that rivals some of the Empire?s larger military vessels. The Fury also features a newly designed set of ?strike foils? that remain down for travel but can be expanded in short range combat to maximize the ship?s agility and range of firepower. On the interior, adjustments have been made to match to the luxury and aesthetics demanded by the Sith. No expenses have been spared.

By Darklink136 at 2011-11-23 06:00:55
This is the ship used by both the Sith Warrior and the Sith Inquisitor.
By varthdader at 2011-11-30 22:31:06

A lot is relative. The dailies reward 5+ tokens for each, so if you just do the dailies, you can get the full outfit in about a week. Or you could do it all in one day and have to run hundreds of missions. The plus side of these is that you do gain experience, the down side is that they cost a small amount of credits that will add up, and it was meant as a side game to leveling, not the main source of xp. This is something best done in small doses, you will notice your commendations adding up surprisingly quickly this way.

In terms of upgrades, if you stick to the initial 3 missions, you need 0 (and still faceroll them). If you wish to do the next set of 3 however, you should at least get the shield generator and "win" the ship armor. For those that foresee money issues (those that will level up there mission and crating skills), this allows you to do 6 different space fights at a cost of 650 credits, and you will not be too gimped to do the second set of 3

By Reznor at 2011-12-27 15:43:04

I'll add to the above sentiment of Varthdader; the missions are great for experience but will hit you in the bank for credits if you focus on them at the expense of questing. The commendation rewards are [mostly] cosmetic or non-essential; but most of the "2nd set of 3" that will end up being farmed by most -- you get an average of 10k experience[at the appropriate level] for approximately 3mins of work.

Not a bad ratio if I do say so myself...

By littlegreenwoman at 2011-12-31 07:53:14
Does anyone know: Is my ship a rest zone?
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