The Civil War


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By NineInchPunch at 2012-01-11 16:43:00
This Warzone starts both teams in a ship, which is that teams spawn, and the other teams objective to blow up into many small pieces. In order to destroy it you Capture "Flags" (Cannons in this case) which, when your team controls them, fires at the enemy ship causing damage. To win you destroy the enemy's ship, very simple. However there are three cannons, one on the left, one on the right, and the all important middle cannon. The middle cannon will have a huge fight over it for two reasons. One, because its right in front of where you start, and Two, because it does more damage them the other two cannons. However also bear in mind that the middle cannon does NOT do as much damage as both of the side cannons. So the strategy comes in to which cannons to take, my guilds team usually grabs the middle and one side cannon. Then we have 3 defending each and others pressuring their cannon and moving between our two cannons towards which one is being attacked. It's worked well for us but devise your own strategy's and go wtfpwn some noobs. :D
By IronJelly at 2013-12-20 22:27:49

Sorry NineInchPunch, I wouldn't call the cannons "flags." This is closer to king-of-the-hill. Take the cannons, hold them.

There are a few strategies I've tried with various amounts of success. People often forget that there's an underground shortcut between the two sides (goes under the center with no access), that has a speed powerup. crafty players can sometimes ambush from there, or lead defenders away and down there where they can't see their cannon, allowing fast or stealthy players to come in behind and take it. If your team has either side cannon, there's a speeder at respawn that goes straight to it, so reinforcements are easy enough to get. Don't let this fool you into gathering too many people at one side, leaving the other or center exposed if you control it.

Overall, a fun pvp map.

edit: at some point, a patch removed the speeders to the sides, so ignore that part.

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