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Athiss SWTOR Flashpoint



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20StandardAthissE R
Alchemical Shrieker55StandardAthissE R
Alchemical Shrieker20StandardAthissE R
Alchemical Snarler55StrongAthissE R
Alchemical Snarler20StandardAthissE R
Alchemical Snarler20StrongAthissE R
Alchemical Tuk'ata20StandardAthissE R
Alchemical Tuk'ata55StandardAthissE R
Ancient AbominationFavored of Kressh55ChampionAthissE R
Basking Zeldrate20StandardAthissE R
Corrupted Explorer55StandardAthissE R
Corrupted Explorer20StandardAthissE R
Darth Malgus1 - 50StandardAthissE R
Excavation Droid55StrongAthissE R
Excavation Droid20StrongAthissE R
Excavation Droid55StandardAthissE R
Excavation Droid20StandardAthissE R
K6P-3Flashpoint Courier20StandardAthissE R
Living Fire20StrongAthissE R
Living Fire55StrongAthissE R
Master Satele Shan50StandardAthissE R
Professor Ley'arshaCorrupted Explorer55Standard BossAthissE R
Professor Ley'arshaCorrupted Explorer20Standard BossAthissE R
Prophet of VodalMessenger of Kressh21Strong BossAthissE R
Prophet of VodalMessenger of Kressh55Strong BossAthissE R
Prophet of Vodal55Strong BossAthissE R
R6-D0Flashpoint Courier24StandardAthissE R
Repaired Battledroid20StandardAthissE R
Survey Team Leader55StandardAthissE R
Survey Team Leader1 - 50StandardAthissE R
Temple Disciple55Standard BossAthissE R
Temple Disciple20Standard BossAthissE R
Temple Guardian55Standard BossAthissE R
Temple Guardian20Standard BossAthissE R
The Beast of Vodal Kressh20Strong BossAthissE R
The Beast of Vodal Kressh55Strong BossAthissE R
Tomb-Dweller Hunter20StandardAthissE R
Tomb-Dweller Hunter55StandardAthissE R
Tomb-Dweller Hunter20StandardAthissE R
Tomb-Dweller Hunter55StandardAthissE R
Tomb-Dweller Shaman55EliteAthissE R
Tomb-Dweller Shaman20EliteAthissE R
Tomb-Dweller Shaman55StandardAthissE R
Tomb-Dweller Shaman20StandardAthissE R
Tomb-Dweller Warrior20StandardAthissE R
Tomb-Dweller Warrior55StrongAthissE R
Tomb-Dweller Warrior20StrongAthissE R
Tomb-Dweller Warrior55StandardAthissE R
Tormented Explorer20StandardAthissE R
Tormented Explorer20StandardAthissE R
8 comments found
By klogd at 2011-12-16 04:04:54

Did whole instance with 4 lvl 19 players. Written from the perspective of a BH merch healer.

First boss = tank + spank, weak adds
Second Boss = big rhino that does knockback watch out so you don't get knocked down the cliff. Adds will come so make sure someone get's them off the healer (they don't do a lot of damage).
Final boss = Tank + spank. He has one DOT he does on random party members that do a LOT of damage, so make sure everyone is topped off. During the fight he will disappear 2-3 times (depending on how long you take) and 4 flame orbs will appear and follow ONE targeted player, this player should kite them around until they despawn (shortly after the boss reappears).
Most importantly keep everyone topped off, cause that DOT will kill someone at half HP (at least at lvl 19).

Doing it at lvl 19 was very doable, but you need to mind the heat. Use time the boss is invisible to heal up everyone and vent heat if available. A medpack for yourself may come in handy.

IF someone dies during the fight and runs back in to help, the boss will reset at full health (happened when we did it, a DPS died from the DOT).

By Bleak616 at 2012-01-01 22:17:04
The boss is immune to interrupts.
By madjake at 2012-01-02 17:42:15
With scavenging skill at 75+ you can get yourself a level 21 Battle Droid as a temporary companion for 10 minutes.
By Timelord at 2012-03-11 07:35:40
Level Ranges 17-21.
By NaitoNii at 2011-11-30 08:15:31

The final boss is basically Tank 'n Spank. Though through-out the battle he will stealth away and one of the players in the party gets a debuff which attracts 4 spheres of fire that you need to avoid. Unless you're prepared to take a lot of damage.

The boss fight took pretty long when I ran the flashpoint with a group and we were all around 23-25 ish at the time.

By husypb at 2012-01-03 17:38:54
This instance gives you Nar Shaddaa Commendations.
By Ashzariel at 2011-11-28 04:14:52
3? instance Imperial side.
First boss, Professor ley'arsha: Quite easy, kill adds and stay out of the sludge pool.
Second boss is like a hughe rhino: Just tank& spank and kill adds, also he knockbacks in frontal cone
And then the server crashed and we couldnt continue.
If you have a 125 archaeologist he can open some shortcuts.
By Malmortis at 2011-12-02 20:01:25
Note: the final boss' stealth ability can be interrupted. He also casts something that usually hurts the healer pretty bad, but I can't remember the name of it.
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