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Taral V


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By Timelord at 2012-03-11 07:43:59
Level Ranges 29-33. Galactic Republic Only!
By Neo1 at 2011-12-27 05:30:16
On final boss, you need to CC (Crowd control), 1-2 of his spawned droid on second wave, so he wont enrage.
Also watchout for his fire DOT, cleanse/ remove ASAP, since it does heavy dmg, otherwise straight forward kill.
By Quicksilver at 2012-01-31 04:41:42

Drops columi gloves token

3/4 of the trash in here is skippable.
However if you choose to do bonus boss you need to pull him out of his room, and when gripped in by force storm, run out as fast as possible. The further away you are from the boss, the longer your travel time to him will be and you will have less time to get out of force storm.

By Acht at 2012-03-20 22:07:46
Lord Hasper is no joke. I would recommend if your group is not clicking with a strong tank/healer combo, don't worry about the bonus missions (kill count, security terminal slicing and research station destruction), skip the mobs and head strait for the final boss.
By ionis at 2012-05-13 06:23:16

Heroic Version.

Handler Gattan
First mini-boss fights us with two adds. Both adds have no aggro table and switch targets now and then, while Gattan follow normal rules of threat list.
Both adds can be CC'ed. If you have enough CC trap both beasts and kill Gattan first. Otherwise just trap 1st, burn 2nd while keeping an eye on mini-boss himself.
While fighting adds stay close together - melee DPS wont have to "chase" after beast when it picks new target.

Handler himself has one nasty ability he uses only when he's not engaged in melee - he drops Mortar Volley on people.

Captain Shivanek
Shivanek upon starting the fight summons Ripper and your team fights both enemies at once. Give your tank few extra seconds on picking solid aggro on Ripper before you start DPSing him.

In theory, due to pre-set mechanic, both Shivanek and Ripper should die at the same time - since death of one, enrages another granting him 300% bonus to damage. Truth is damage done by Shivanek after Ripper's death is easy to handle (not so say laughable). Just in case keep some survival cooldowns ready if your team is still in leveling gear.

Doctor Zharen
Second mini-boss, just like first, likes to surround himself with adds. Thankfully this time adds are much easier to kill and do follow threat list rules.
Good Doctor breaks the tanks around him, releasing beasts - hug together, and AoE them down.
Have one person (preferable tank) stay focused on the boss and keep his finger over an interrupt button to stop Zharen from throwing grenades. Place where grenade lands is marked by green circle - if you're just in middle of wiping group of adds, you might simply not see the circle in time.
As the fight progress, Zharen releases less adds but of stronger breed. Keep taunt ready just in case.
While adds are alive, mini-boss himself is surrounded by shield that mitigates 25% damage.

Lord Hasper (this is a bonus boss, you must do bonus quest in the flashpoint before you engage him)
Lord Hasper can be a challenge for a undergeared group of fresh 50s. His overkill ability consists of mass grapple + lightning storm - he pulls everyone to him and throws AoE on his own position, delivering massive damage to everyone in proximity. If you're a tank (or a melee DPS) there is little you can do to actually avoid getting pulled and AoEed, but healers and range DPS can avoid being pulled in by standing almost at the edge of line of sight outside the building (at the edge of the door).
There is a really detailed guide to this boss written by Georgebest here - .
Personally, I never had much trouble with this boss (due rather good gear when I came here first time), so I can't really speak from experience how to deal with him if you have issues - but Georgebest's comment should give you all info you may need to avoid getting electrocuted.

Giant droid is nothing more than reflex/awareness check for the group. Especially healer.
Move out of the red circles he drops on random group members (no hugging btw!). Interrupt his special attacks.
Check for healers come when boss throw sentence "Target appears to be non-sentient". He will switch from tank to another target for few seconds - as a healer you must be ready to switch focus of your heals to person that will become the target (standing next to the boxes if you're not needed at melee might be good idea - you can hide behind them till tank regains aggro).

General Edikar
As you enter the room, you can see the final boss surrounded by four turrets. If you finished bonus quest, the console to the right will disable two of them (Boss don't engage you when you use the console).
Turrets are first priority targets. Take them down fast and focus on General himself. If you're undergeared, you will fight against rather strict enrage timer - waste no time.
At 75, 50 and 25% Edikar summons four droids - two from the right, two from the left.Switch fire to them (If your group has a PT/Vang or Assassin/Shadow Tank you can pull one add from one side close to the other - letting your group AoE three of them at once, while 4th is either CC'ed or left alone until his three friends are dead), they don't deal much damage, but can be dangerous if all four focus on one non-tank target.
If you fear you lack firepower to make it before enrage timer, when boss hits 30% start nuking him with all you got - completely ignoring adds (let tank grab aggro, maybe drop CC).

As always, interrupt is your friend. Also boss drops a grenade with a nasty debuff - healer should be ready to remove it.

By Hekkatoid at 2014-04-24 00:45:28
For the lore lovers, the "Jedi Entity" that often talks to you during the flashpoint is the spirit of Meetra Surik, A.K.A. The Jedi Exile, Revan's greatest apprentice, survivor of Malachor V, one of the most powerful force-users, and the main character from the Knights Of The Old Republic II: The Sith Lords.
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