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Maelstrom Prison


36 NPCs found
Ancient Maelstrom FlayerAncient Creature50ChampionE R
Ancient Maelstrom FlayerAncient Creature50ChampionE R
Colonel DakshCyborg Veteran50ChampionE R
Daksh Overseer Droid36StandardE R
Daksh Overseer Droid50StandardE R
Fifth Fleet Bodyguard50EliteE R
Fifth Fleet Bodyguard50StrongE R
Fifth Fleet Bodyguard50StrongE R
Fifth Fleet Footman50StandardE R
Fifth Fleet Officer50StrongE R
Fifth Fleet Soldier50StandardE R
Fifth Fleet Trooper50StandardE R
Fifth Fleet Trooper50StrongE R
Grand Moff KilranThe Butcher of Coruscant50ChampionE R
Imperial Prison Guard50StandardE R
Imperial Prison Medic50StandardE R
Lord KancrasSith Beastmaster50Standard BossE R
Lord VanithrastSith Overseer50Standard BossE R
Maelstrom Elite GuardSith Defender50EliteE R
Maelstrom Elite GuardSith Defender50EliteE R
Maelstrom Prison Trooper50StandardE R
Maximum Security Droid50EliteE R
Mutant Maelstrom Shriek50Standard BossE R
Mutant Maelstrom Shriek50EliteE R
Mutant Maelstrom Shriek36Standard BossMaelstrom PrisonE R
Prison Overseer Droid50StrongE R
Prison Security Droid50StandardE R
Sith Tormentor50EliteE R
Sith Warden50StrongE R
Tactical Reserve Trooper50StandardE R
Tortured Maelstrom Hound50StandardE R
Tortured Maelstrom Shriek50StandardE R
Unleashed Maelstrom Hound50StandardE R
Unleashed Maelstrom Shriek50StandardE R
Unleashed Maelstrom Terantatek50EliteE R
X-37 Oppressor DroidImperial Defender50Standard BossE R
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By Typos at 2012-01-16 05:59:15

Maelstrom Prison Hard Mode how-to guide:

Finished it with jedi guardian tanking, commando and gunslinger dps-ing and sage (myself) healing. Our gear was mostly customizable pieces with Corellia mods and few odd PvP pieces (1 or 2 centurion per player).

All fights here are really just awareness check (interrupt what can be interrupted, avoid ground AoE, if there are adds hug together and AoE them down). Bonus boss (Ancient Maelstrom Flyer) has unavoidable AoE stomp that deals around 6-7k damage and knocks players back. In this fight it helps to hug together for AoE heals. If you are a sage healer make sure you have entire party Force Armored before stomp.

The only exception from above is the 2nd boss, Colonel Daksh. It took us a while to figure him out cause unless you do things right he will enrage and one shot people (kiting is barely possible if he enrages). Everything he does is interruptable and should be interrupted (especially carbonize that he casts as soon as he pulls one player to himself) except when he charges his optical implants. For the next 30 secs he enters his "sniping mode" and if he hits you he will most probably one-shot you. This happens at 75% and 25% of his health. The trick is he will lock his eye laser on the person who last had aggro. When he starts casting (overloading) his optical implants, have the tank taunt him and dps stop attacking. The tank needs to run to the boxes on either left or right side of the room and LoS the boss around them. Meanwhile the dps (and healer) can continue dpsing the boss. If the tank gets hit with the laser thing the boss will switch target to someone else. If that happens you'll probably wipe :). Oh yeah, and he hits like a truck unless you have a geared tank. Our tank had 14.5k hp and few greens on him (implants & earpiece) and once or twice during the fight only crit heals saved him from dying.

Last boss drops columi boots token.

Typos of Helvetica
Europe Chundaar PvP

By NateEH at 2011-11-25 02:50:55
This FP is a must for anyone even slightly interested in KOTOR lore.
By Neo1 at 2011-12-27 05:26:36
You need to complete Flashpoint: "Taral V" to open up "Maelstrom Prison", and its an looong one!.
By Timelord at 2012-03-11 07:42:20
Level Ranges 33-37. Galactic Republic Only!
By Stormchh at 2012-01-18 17:04:09
Has anyone seen the Medic Commando Helm and legplates out of here?
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