Hammer Station


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2R-CH, "Torch"Riflor's Champions16EliteHammer StationE R
2R-CH, "Torch"Riflor's Champions55Standard BossHammer StationE R
Advozse Barrager16StandardHammer StationE R
Advozse Barrager55StandardHammer StationE R
Advozse Battleleader55StrongHammer StationE R
Advozse Battleleader16StrongHammer StationE R
Advozse Bladewarrior55StrongHammer StationE R
Advozse Bladewarrior16StrongHammer StationE R
Advozse Bombarder16StrongHammer StationE R
Advozse Bombarder55StrongHammer StationE R
Advozse Columnbreaker16StandardHammer StationE R
Advozse Columnbreaker55StandardHammer StationE R
Advozse Engineer16StandardHammer StationE R
Advozse Engineer16StandardHammer StationE R
Advozse Engineer16StandardHammer StationE R
Advozse Infantry Droid55StrongHammer StationE R
Advozse Infantry Droid55Standard BossHammer StationE R
Advozse Infantry Droid16StrongHammer StationE R
Advozse Sharpshooter55StandardHammer StationE R
Advozse Sharpshooter16StandardHammer StationE R
Asteroid BeastGargantuan Creature55ChampionHammer StationE R
Battlelord KreshanElite Defender17Strong BossHammer StationE R
Battlelord KreshanElite Defender17Strong BossHammer StationE R
Battlelord KreshanElite Defender55ChampionHammer StationE R
Boarder Suppression Droid16EliteHammer StationE R
Boarder Suppression Droid55EliteHammer StationE R
Captain Jarr16StandardHammer StationE R
Cinematic Advozse Battledroid16EliteHammer StationE R
Cinematic Security Droid16StandardHammer StationE R
Darth Malgus1 - 50StandardHammer StationE R
Demolition Drone14WeakHammer StationE R
Demolition Drone55WeakHammer StationE R
DN-314 TunnelerDroid Prototype18Strong BossHammer StationE R
DN-314 TunnelerDroid Prototype55ChampionHammer StationE R
DT-313 Tunneler16StrongHammer StationE R
Hammer Computer1 - 50StandardHammer StationE R
J8R-1Flashpoint Courier16StandardHammer StationE R
Master Satele Shan50StandardHammer StationE R
N4-01Flashpoint Courier16StandardHammer StationE R
Sawbones GjonfsRiflor's Champions16EliteHammer StationE R
Sawbones GjonfsRiflor's Champions55Standard BossHammer StationE R
Security Laser Cannon16Standard BossHammer StationE R
Sliced Republic Astromech55StandardHammer StationE R
Sliced Republic Astromech16StandardHammer StationE R
Sliced Republic Droid55StandardHammer StationE R
Sliced Republic Droid16StandardHammer StationE R
Vorgan the VolcanoRiflor's Champions16Standard BossHammer StationE R
Vorgan the VolcanoRiflor's Champions55Standard BossHammer StationE R
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By nefloyd at 2011-12-09 20:47:11
Anyone knows where the cave that is filled with toxic gas leads to. The toxic gas witch can be deactivated. But I never had someone in my group who could do it. I wonder what is in that cave?

During the Thanksgiving beta weekend, after trying out the Sith Warrior up to level 20, I decided to check out the Bounty Hunter. I'd done Hammer Station on the Warrior and had seen the Bioanalysis, Scavenger, and Slicing interaction points but nobody in the group at the time was able to use any of them. So, when leveling the BH I picked up all 3 of those gathering skills just to see what would happen there.

Activating the Bioanalysis table lets you loot 8 canisters of an anti-toxin, each of which provides a 2 minute buff granting immunity to the gas. We had another bioanalyst and he was also able to loot 8 canisters. We explored the area; the tunnel leads into a small cavern with a few more tents and a few trash packs. It looks like prime material for a 'Bonus' boss area but the only thing of note we found was a small chest inside a tent that had a few random forgettable items.

The Scavenger interaction is a mining drill you can fire up which drills through the wall and opens a path directly to the first boss, letting you skip 4 or 5 packs of trash.

The Slicing point does something similar deeper in; the adjacent out-of-order elevator will be fixed and you can ride it to the 2nd floor, again skipping several waves of trash.

I thought it was quite a nice and interesting perk to include these sort of things in this instance. You could really cut out some time on a daily 'heroic' run if similar things existed in other flashpoints.

By JediOfDarkness at 2011-11-30 18:04:50
Hammer Station is a flashpoint for BOTH factions, not just Republic or Empire.
By tobarstep at 2012-02-09 18:40:22
A bit of warning for those who've never done this instance before: don't cross the bridge when it is red. I was running back from a wipe on the final boss, and no one in my party had warned me of this. It wasn't pretty.
By unindel at 2011-11-28 02:47:27

Three bosses:

1st Boss: DN-314 Tunneler ( http://www.torhead.com/npc/h3oK7IK )
2nd Boss: Vorgan the Volcano and his two droids ( http://www.torhead.com/npc/6xC5Xkf#comments )
3rd Boss: Battlelord Kreshan ( http://www.torhead.com/npc/hnsscJT )

By Prolix at 2011-12-01 11:20:54

Random thoughts of mine on this Flashpoint from a couple beta weekends:

The hardest pull in the entire FP is near the beginning, while still in the new excavation area. There are two Elite droids and Strong enemies as well. I highly recommend crowd control abilities be used here, and that your group focuses on killing a droid off immediately to dramatically lower incoming damage.

DN-314 Tunneler's Mining Beam special attack is quite dangerous. It's my feeling that this ability is supposed to be interruptable, but it's bugged -- I could be wrong though. Note that you can switch the target of the beam by having someone stand between the boss and the current target: the beam will hit that other player instead.

BOSS -------------------------> Player1
BOSS -------> Player2 ..... Player1

Healer notes: as a Sith Sorcerer, I had the benefit of shielding the target and then beginning to pump out large, efficient heals, but if you can't put an absorb on the targeted player, you will need to heal them rapidly. If your group members can't comprehend the idea of switching off the beam's damage, just move to intercept it yourself.

Vorgan's (second boss) adds can be CC'd. Else, pretty much any character can handle one beating on them for awhile, so have two DPS each 'tank' one, and the third DPS help focus down whichever one should die first. Then get on the boss.

The key to making Battlelord Kreshan (third boss) a cakewalk is interrupts. You cannot interrupt his ability that summons adds, so don't even bother with that one. However, you can interrupt his rapid fire barrage, which is a cone attack, otherwise it will do extreme damage to everyone in its path. Stopping it will give the whole group one less thing to worry about moving out of, as the boss will already be tossing small bombs around the floor of the room.

Playing my Sorc, I found that Jolt's cooldown was always ready for each barrage, and I was able to heal and interrupt easily.

FYI all my talents were in the Lightning tree too. Any of the three advanced classes that can heal should be able to handle healing the first couple Flashpoints, even if you're not spec'd for healing. They are not extremely difficult (though Hammer Station is much moreso than the first FP).

By Timelord at 2012-03-11 07:37:14
Level Ranges 13-17.
By storn206 at 2011-12-06 02:49:53
First Boss was pretty hard with level 13. But after Level 15 no Boss was realy a Chalange,
By wademcginnis at 2011-11-29 17:12:31
It is good to see Bioware is throwing standard raid mechanics into the mix. Avoid the bombs, use your interrupts/CD's, ensure you position yourself/boss in a positive area. The last boss will make you work for it and for good reason. The average run for my team was roughly 38 minutes. Two of us were a level above but nothing major.
By watercliff at 2012-01-01 14:56:43

This might come in handy:

When you're at the Imperial Fleet station, instead of heading to the north exit "Dromund Kaas Departures", instead head out the west exit titled something like "Mission Terminals", which has 6 flash points all grouped together. Hammer Station should be in the lower grouping on the left.

- Posted by ArcadesSabboth on the SW:tOR forums.

Link for source: http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=26688

By TwitchGamer at 2011-11-23 01:18:48


This is the second flashpoint available to republic classes and is much more difficult than the Esseles. Even in normal mode this flashpoint has a couple basic raid mechanics. The first boss is rather easy a tank and spank with some adds, the second boss has a protection shield that he throws on the 2 other mobs in the room (so you have to switch which target you are DPS'ing) and the third boss has the don't stand in the fire type mechanic.

By Ashzariel at 2011-11-28 02:41:06

This is second flashpoint available for imperial characters from lvl 16-19.
The first boss is basicaly a tank&spank fight with adds and a random beam that the healer have to take care of.
The second boss just have 2 adds, kill adds first then the boss.
The third spawn adds too, stay out the fire and also uses a knockback that can throw you out of the flashpoint.

In general this flashpoint is quite easy, intended for newcomers to learn the basic boss mechanics.

By Nachtmachen at 2011-12-06 14:30:29
Anyone knows where the cave that is filled with toxic gas leads to. The toxic gas witch can be deactivated. But I never had someone in my group who could do it. I wonder what is in that cave?
By aw232 at 2012-01-03 11:01:38
The astroid cannon in Hammer Station is what I imagine my colon looks like after I have a good helping of fiber.
By Orcult at 2011-12-27 14:22:07

Soloed for Dark/Light Side points @29 level.

Without the companion and it was damn easy.

By Jhaxe at 2011-11-22 04:48:32

My guild has a video guide of this if you would like to see it, it's dated around mid November during beta


http://condemnedguild.enjin.com/home Is our guild website if you'd like to look, we are a pvp/pve hardcore EST guild.


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