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"One Shot" WrenasBounty Hunter Trainer47EliteVossE R
Abdan-Sho30StandardVossE R
Abomination of Sel-Makor45 - 46EliteVossE R
Adjudicator Mirev-Ka47StandardVossE R
Aged Crysfang Hunter46 - 47WeakVossE R
Aged Mawvorr Hunter44 - 45WeakVossE R
Aged Nexu Prowler44 - 45WeakVossE R
Aged Shaclaw Patriarch44 - 45WeakVossE R
Agent Feyenn45StandardVossE R
Agent Kellor44StandardVossE R
AguriStarship Upgrades47StandardVossE R
Akana-Tok47Strong BossVossE R
Ali-Le42StandardVossE R
Alpha Cyber Abomination45 - 46EliteVossE R
Alpha Nexu Bonethrasher44 - 45EliteVossE R
Alpha Nexu Gutripper44 - 45StrongVossE R
Althu's Chief Builder46 - 47StrongVossE R
Althu's Chief Cryo Warrior46 - 47StrongVossE R
Althu's Chief War Shaman46 - 47StrongVossE R
Althu, Raider Chieftain47EliteVossE R
Ambassador Jannik45StandardVossE R
Ambassador Yoran44StandardVossE R
Ambassador's Aide40StandardVossE R
Amin-Le42StandardVossE R
Ancient Annihilator Droid45 - 46EliteVossE R
Ancient Battlemaster44 - 45EliteVossE R
Ancient Droid Guardian44 - 45StandardVossE R
Ancient Droid Sentry44 - 45StandardVossE R
Ancient Guardian Droid44 - 45EliteVossE R
Ancient Malfunctioning Droid44 - 45WeakVossE R
Ancient Sentinel Droid44 - 45StrongVossE R
Ancient Sentry Droid45 - 46StrongVossE R
Ancient Sith Automaton40StandardVossE R
Ancient Sith Battledroid45 - 46EliteVossE R
Ancient Sith Dreadnought45 - 46Standard BossVossE R
Ancient Sith War Droid46 - 47StrongVossE R
Ancient Support Droid44 - 45StandardVossE R
Ancient Terror Droid45 - 46StrongVossE R
Ancient Tomb Defender44EliteVossE R
Ancient Tomb Feeder44 - 45StrongVossE R
Ancient Tomb Horror44 - 45Strong BossVossE R
Apprentice Solrak46StandardVossE R
Ardun Kothe1 - 50StrongVossE R
Aristocra Saganu41StandardVossE R
Arn Tan YolarArmstech (Crafting Trainer)47StandardVossE R
Asa-Ku40StandardVossE R
Asha-Mu41StandardVossE R
Athelis Kallis40StandardVossE R
Augmented Cyber Beast45StandardVossE R
Augmented Vorantikus46 - 47StrongVossE R
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By xxxLesy at 2012-01-25 03:44:29
Level range: 44 - 47
Location: Hutt space
Progression line: Belsavis > Voss > Corellia
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