Ord Mantell


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4-SEN4StrongOrd MantellE R
Access Panel1StandardOrd MantellE R
Adolescent Grazer5 - 6StandardOrd MantellE R
Adult Grazer6 - 7StandardOrd MantellE R
Alma10StandardOrd MantellE R
Anxious Citizen6StandardOrd MantellE R
Anxious Runner7StandardOrd MantellE R
APC Driver7StandardOrd MantellE R
Banley4StandardOrd MantellE R
Bartender6StandardOrd MantellE R
Beach Scavenger7 - 8StandardOrd MantellE R
Bellis3StandardOrd MantellE R
Box1StandardOrd MantellE R
Bracco4StrongOrd MantellE R
Captain Ethen Remak6EliteOrd MantellE R
Captain Xuss10StrongOrd MantellE R
Celestra10StrongOrd MantellE R
Champion Jax Stog7EliteOrd MantellE R
Chief Separatist Overseer10StrongOrd MantellE R
Citizen6StandardOrd MantellE R
Citizen6StandardOrd MantellE R
Citizen6StandardOrd MantellE R
Citizen7StandardOrd MantellE R
ColmLight Armor Vendor10StandardOrd MantellE R
Colonel Vorr6StrongOrd MantellE R
Commander Bragan10StrongOrd MantellE R
Commander Tavus32EliteOrd MantellE R
Commander Vray10StrongOrd MantellE R
Communications Officer Sulan10StandardOrd MantellE R
Competitive Soldier6 - 7StandardOrd MantellE R
Concerned Refugee5 - 6StandardOrd MantellE R
Confident Soldier6 - 7StandardOrd MantellE R
Corporal Dregg10StandardOrd MantellE R
Corporal HurwellSpecialty Goods10StandardOrd MantellE R
Corporal TarekaStims Vendor10StandardOrd MantellE R
Corso Riggs5StrongOrd MantellE R
Corso Riggs5StrongOrd MantellE R
Daek10StandardOrd MantellE R
Dead Razoronn7 - 8StandardOrd MantellE R
Dead Savrip8 - 9WeakOrd MantellE R
Defeated Mantellian Soldier5StandardOrd MantellE R
Demolition Chief Vash Taggen7EliteOrd MantellE R
Depressed Citizen7StandardOrd MantellE R
Desperate Runner7StandardOrd MantellE R
Determined Citizen6StandardOrd MantellE R
Determined Citizen7StandardOrd MantellE R
DK-910StandardOrd MantellE R
Drelliad Service Droid2StandardOrd MantellE R
Dutiful Soldier4StandardOrd MantellE R
Ebenga10StandardOrd MantellE R
13 items found
NameLevelReq.SlotSell Price
Standard Battle D-Device
14Ear, Slot 67105
Standard Might D-Device
14Ear, Slot 67105
8Ranged Main Hand, Ranged Off Hand105
Sergeant's Gauntlets
5Hands, Slot 6750
Spice-Runner's Gloves
5Hands, Slot 6750
Basic Fortitude Stim
3Slot 6715
Gunrunner's Pistol
3Ranged Main Hand, Ranged Off Hand25
Minor Reflex Adrenal
3Slot 6715
Minor Skill Adrenal
3Slot 6715
Tactical Hunting Rifle
3Ranged Main Hand, Slot 6725
Stealth Field Generator
Minor Medpac
8Slot 6720
Slot 67
6 comments found
By RogueJedi86 at 2012-04-04 22:36:17


It's very tricky, but you have to do a lot of climbing. Going east out of Fort Garnik, you know where the tents of Cathars are? Go into the corner by the wall there and start climbing rocks. You'll be able to get up onto the cliff above you. From there, cross the bridge and then take a left, going up the cliff above the blocked tunnel. You can get over to the southern middle of the map that way. Alternately, go to the SW corner of Fort Garnik(south of cantina) and start trying to climb the rocks there. Either way you'll be doing a little climbing to get up onto the mesa. Sorry for vagueness of directions, not in-game on Ord Mantell right now.

By SaintAvalon at 2012-02-17 15:25:21
Just added a video for the datacrons, a visual guide so you know how to get to each one! Check out the video section.
By iliadawry at 2012-03-24 02:33:03
There's a chunk of map in the middle southern part of the planet I can't seem to uncover. Any ideas?
By iliadawry at 2012-04-21 22:49:17
Eee, thank you so much! I'm off to try it.
By Ohnoto at 2012-01-31 10:06:42
For those looking for the datacrons on Ord Mantell, a guide can be found at:
By Marhis at 2012-08-26 17:28:51
Site non existing
2 screenshots found
1 video found


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