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50WeakIlumE R
50WeakIlumE R
"Coruscant" Erragh50EliteIlumE R
Admiral Shai50EliteIlumE R
Agent Falcon50StandardIlumE R
Agent SelahImperial Agent Trainer50EliteIlumE R
Agent TelouUnderworld Trading (Mission Trainer)50StandardIlumE R
Apprentice Torturer50WeakIlumE R
C2-X2Cybertech (Crafting Trainer)50StandardIlumE R
Captain AlrickInvestigation (Mission Trainer)50StandardIlumE R
Captain Barstead50StandardIlumE R
Captain FionSynthweaving (Crafting Trainer)50StandardIlumE R
Captain FovishSpecialty Goods50StandardIlumE R
Captain KneelySecurity Key Vendor50StandardIlumE R
Captain PolasCollector's Edition Vendor50StandardIlumE R
Captain QidroStarship Upgrades50StandardIlumE R
Captain Sarmuk50StandardIlumE R
Captain UllesinBasic Gear Level - 5050StandardIlumE R
Captain Zarran50StrongIlumE R
Colonel Baramak50StandardIlumE R
Commander Caroowar50StandardIlumE R
Commander Chalik50EliteIlumE R
Commander FreydenTrooper Trainer50EliteIlumE R
Commander Jiyan Dar50StandardIlumE R
Commander Jiyan Dar50StandardIlumE R
Corporal QuentisScavenging (Gathering Trainer)50StandardIlumE R
Corporal RassArmormech (Crafting Trainer)50StandardIlumE R
Corporal VereetoStims Vendor50StandardIlumE R
Darth Arho50Standard BossIlumE R
Darth Arho50EliteIlumE R
Darth Arho50Standard BossIlumE R
Darth Malgus50EliteIlumE R
Darth Malgus50EliteIlumE R
Darth Malgus50EliteIlumE R
Deployable Turret50StrongIlumE R
Diplomatic Officer EmmensSocial Items Vendor50StandardIlumE R
Docile Tauntaun50EliteIlumE R
Doctor ElienBiochem (Crafting Trainer)50StandardIlumE R
Duros Assault Specialist50StandardIlumE R
Duros Captain50StrongIlumE R
Duros Commando50StandardIlumE R
Duros Gunner50StandardIlumE R
Duros Lookout50WeakIlumE R
Duros Rifleman50StrongIlumE R
Duros Sniper50WeakIlumE R
Duros Soldier50StandardIlumE R
Duros Spotter50StandardIlumE R
Duros Squad Leader50StrongIlumE R
Duros Trooper50StandardIlumE R
Duros Turret Gunner50StandardIlumE R
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By Energritz at 2012-01-31 07:56:26
You need to complete your class quest and initial quests before the dailies become avaliable
By charizmatix at 2012-02-21 10:21:35

I also went straight to Ilum when I hit 50 and I found no open missions I could take.

I found I had to complete my class missions to the very end before I was officially sent to Ilum. Once I completed the class story I found the NPC on the fleet who gave me a mission to go to Ilum.

Hope this helps.

By shmaty at 2012-01-24 02:18:00
Uploaded a space based screen shot of Ilum. Was a little trick with the camera for a clear shot...if torhead accepts the photo I will attempt to do the other planets the same way.
By Faremma at 2012-02-12 02:52:33
As Empire player you can actually obtain and complete the two daily quests at the Imperial Waystation located at 296,13 without having completed your class quest. I have no knowledge about the Republic side, but I would imagine they can obtain their equivalent quests.
By ttcguy at 2012-01-26 08:23:56
I turned 50 yesterday :) So I went Ilum with a guild friend to do dailies and I couldn't see any quests. Could someone please explain the prerequisites for Ilum? Thank you!
By Icyrain35 at 2012-04-08 10:14:02
Is it just me, or does this planet absolutely suck for soloing? I'm running as a Sith Marauder and I have my
healing companion with me and I just keep getting destroyed almost every single pull. Anyone else have
this kind of troubles?
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