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Flight Around Dromund Kass

Dromund Kaas


595 NPCs found (50 displayed) – Try filtering your results
"Shadow"13Standard BossDromund KaasE R
"Wraith"13Standard BossDromund KaasE R
4-4TMThe Leisurenauts15StandardDromund KaasE R
Addi'shonStarship Upgrades16StandardDromund KaasE R
Administrator Reese16StandardDromund KaasE R
Admiral Fraabaal16EliteDromund KaasE R
Agba-FemberStims Vendor16StandardDromund KaasE R
Agent Sakindri30StandardDromund KaasE R
AjaanSith Warrior Trainer16EliteDromund KaasE R
Akaste'velSith Inquisitor PvP Vendor10StandardDromund KaasE R
Alerted Terrorist Guard15 - 16StrongDromund KaasE R
Ambassador VenichDiplomacy (Mission Trainer)16StandardDromund KaasE R
Analyst PerrichionInvestigation (Mission Trainer)16StandardDromund KaasE R
AnarqLight Armor Vendor16StandardDromund KaasE R
Ancient Terentatek Ravager30 - 31EliteDromund KaasE R
Anyarah16StandardDromund KaasE R
Apparition1 - 50StandardDromund KaasE R
Apprentice Dumat12 - 14StrongDromund KaasE R
Apprentice Frun9StandardDromund KaasE R
Apprentice Irex10 - 14StrongDromund KaasE R
Apprentice Maraad9StandardDromund KaasE R
Apprentice Quilon10 - 14StrongDromund KaasE R
Apprentice Satik10 - 14StrongDromund KaasE R
Archaeologist10StandardDromund KaasE R
Archaeologist Shellaster12StandardDromund KaasE R
Arena Onlooker15StandardDromund KaasE R
Assistant KunoaSkill Mentor16StandardDromund KaasE R
Astromech Droid10StandardDromund KaasE R
Audience Member11StandardDromund KaasE R
Audience Member11StandardDromund KaasE R
Aurek-Altered Matriarch10StrongDromund KaasE R
B4 Maintenance Droid10 - 11StandardDromund KaasE R
Bartender11StandardDromund KaasE R
Bartender2 - 6StandardDromund KaasE R
Battle Droid7 - 11StandardDromund KaasE R
Beelzlit Grathan13 - 14WeakDromund KaasE R
Beelzlit Grathan13 - 14WeakDromund KaasE R
Begeren Acolyte11 - 15StrongDromund KaasE R
Begeren Apprentice13 - 15EliteDromund KaasE R
Blockade Enforcement Officer7 - 12StandardDromund KaasE R
BoiboleEquipment Commendations Vendor16StandardDromund KaasE R
Bosann Lor'korBounty Hunter Trainer16EliteDromund KaasE R
Bounty Hunter15 - 16StrongDromund KaasE R
Braum "Zakkeg" Bourne15StandardDromund KaasE R
Brui Bhan1 - 50StandardDromund KaasE R
Bunker Commander10 - 11StrongDromund KaasE R
Bunker Guardian Droid10 - 11StandardDromund KaasE R
Bunker Sentry10 - 11StandardDromund KaasE R
Captain Bryn16StrongDromund KaasE R
Captain EvakaStarship Upgrades16StandardDromund KaasE R
49 missions found
NameLocationTypeClassesLevelReq. Level
Bounty Contract: Dromund KaasDromund Kaas, Imperial Fleet6015
The Ancient Gree RelaysDromund Kaas, Tatooine, Alderaan, Quesh, Hoth, Voss, Ilum
Shroud Of RuinDromund Kaas
Preserved Colicoid Queen EggDromund Kaas50
Questionable MotivesDromund Kaas, Nar Shaddaa
The Dark CouncilKorriban, Dromund Kaas
The Road to RuinDromund Kaas, X-70 Phantom
The Watchful EyeThe Tytun Rings, Dromund Kaas, X-70 Phantom
ConflagrationDromund Kaas
Power PlayFury (Sith Warrior), Dromund Kaas
The Hidden ThroneDromund Kaas, Isen 4: Republic Mining Colony, X-70 Phantom
The Price of PowerFury (Sith Inquisitor), Dromund Kaas, Korriban
The Mind TrapDromund Kaas, Quesh, X-70 Phantom
Hail the Conquering HeroDromund Kaas
InheritanceDromund Kaas, Fury (Sith Inquisitor), Nar Shaddaa
LegacyDromund Kaas, Fury (Sith Inquisitor)
The Heart of DarknessSpirit of Vengeance, D5-Mantis, Dromund Kaas
The Master StratagemDromund Kaas, Nar Shaddaa, X-70 Phantom
A Dangerous AuctionDromund Kaas, Hutta
Shadow SpawnDromund KaasHeroic 2+156
Buried PowerDromund Kaas156
The Master's SecretDromund Kaas156
Black ScienceDromund Kaas146
PilgrimageDromund Kaas146
Scrap their DefensesDromund Kaas141
Strange WeaponsDromund Kaas146
The Mask of RevanDromund Kaas146
Hadra's DefeatDromund KaasArea 4
Hadra's DefeatDromund KaasHeroic 4136
Death and LifeDromund Kaas136
Dismantling the MachineDromund Kaas
Final Stage - Grathan AssaultDromund Kaas131
Grathan AssaultDromund Kaas131
Stage 1 - Grathan AssaultDromund Kaas131
Stage 2 - Grathan Assault131
The Pilgrim's PathDromund Kaas131
The War MachineDromund Kaas136
Clearing the KubazDromund Kaas121
Flashes in the DarkDromund Kaas126
Personal ChallengeDromund KaasHeroic 2+116
InitiationDromund Kaas116
Into The MawDromund Kaas116
Jungle HuntDromund Kaas116
Lightning in a BottleDromund Kaas116
Call of the WildDromund Kaas91
Status ReportDromund Kaas96
The Flight to Dromund KaasImperial Fleet, Dromund Kaas
The Path Leads to Dromund KaasDromund Kaas, Imperial Fleet
Warning SignDromund Kaas96
67 items found (50 displayed) – Try filtering your results
NameLevelReq.SlotSell Price
Planetary Data: Alderaan
Planetary Data: Dromund Kaas
Planetary Data: Hoth
Planetary Data: Quesh
Planetary Data: Tatooine
Planetary Data: Voss
High Sorcerer Adept Sash
33Waist, Slot 67615
Renowned Assassin Adept Waistwrap
33Waist, Slot 67615
Renowned Templar Adept Waistwrap
33Waist, Slot 67615
Enhancement Reflex D-Adaptor
26Ear, Slot 67330
Enhancement Skill D-Device
26Ear, Slot 67330
Dread Marauder's Leggings
12Legs, Slot 67155
Dread Warlord's Greaves
12Legs, Slot 67155
High Sorcerer's Lower Robe
12Legs, Slot 67155
Marksman's Prototype Leggings
12Legs, Slot 67155
Mercenary's Prototype Greaves
12Legs, Slot 67155
Sniper's Prototype Leggings
12Legs, Slot 67155
Dread Marauder's Boots
11Feet, Slot 67110
Dread Warlord's Boots
11Feet, Slot 67110
High Sorcerer's Boots
11Feet, Slot 67110
Marksman's Prototype Boots
11Feet, Slot 67110
Mercenary's Prototype Boots
11Feet, Slot 67110
Sniper's Prototype Boots
11Feet, Slot 67110
Kaas City Pass
Command Augment 5
1615Slot 6715
Fortitude Augment 5
1615Slot 6715
Might Augment 5
1615Slot 6715
Reflex Augment 5
1615Slot 6715
Resolve Augment 5
1615Slot 6715
Skill Augment 5
1615Slot 6715
Reinforced Battle Chestguard
14Chest, Slot 6790
Ablative Laminoid Waistcord
13Waist, Slot 6745
Laminoid Barrage Belt
13Waist, Slot 6745
Laminoid Battle Belt
13Waist, Slot 6745
Reinforced Battle Belt
13Waist, Slot 6745
Tempered Laminoid Belt
13Waist, Slot 6745
Traditional Nylite Sash
13Waist, Slot 6745
Ablative Laminoid Bracers
12Wrists, Slot 6740
Ablative Laminoid Leggings
12Legs, Slot 6770
Laminoid Barrage Bracers
12Wrists, Slot 6740
Laminoid Barrage Leggings
12Legs, Slot 6770
Laminoid Battle Armguards
12Wrists, Slot 6740
Laminoid Battle Leggings
12Legs, Slot 6770
Reinforced Battle Armguards
12Wrists, Slot 6740
Stolen Datapad
12Slot 67750
Tempered Laminoid Greaves
12Legs, Slot 6770
Tempered Laminoid Vambraces
12Wrists, Slot 6740
Traditional Nylite Bracers
12Wrists, Slot 6740
Traditional Nylite Lower Robe
12Legs, Slot 6770
Marksman's Jacket
11Chest, Slot 6760
4 comments found
By spot10 at 2012-01-15 11:04:01

All the Datacron Locations:

Galactic History 18: The Hutt Cataclysms --- Awards a yellow matrix shard
Found at coordinates X: -187 Y: 1737 Z: -110 in the heroic area malignant bog on Dromund Kaas
Visible on top of a waterfall, when looking at the waterfall there will be a path off to the left, follow this path and once u get into the opening area, turn to the right to see the waterfall
Galactic History 19: The Pius Dea Crusades --- +2 Strength
It's in the South Hanger of the planet Dromund Kaas Spaceport - Docking Bay D-61.
The docking bay is the very south of the spaceport by the B-04 Elevator.
It's in the middle of the left side of the Docking Bay map. It's on a huge crate.
If you go up the ramp just north of the crate at top around the first corner there is a gap and below you can see rails that can take you just above the crate. Look up above the crate and get a feel for where the rails start at so you can figure out where to jump down.
Galactic History 20: Chancellor Blotus --- +2 Endurance
Found on Dromund Kaas, at Coords X: -789, Y:1453
When entering Lord Grathan's Estate from the Northeast, follow the wall to your right.You will see a path and just follow that. The coords for the path are: X: -699, Y: 1528
Galactic History 21: The Birth of the Mandalorians --- +2 Presence
Found on Dromund Kaas, at coordinates: X:580, Y:796 , Z:115
Take the path south from the spaceport. At the end there is an alcove at X:768, Y:737. There is a path there, just follow it until you reach the end.
Galactic History 22: The Second Great Schism --- +2 Cunning
Found just past the kaas expansion district and into the dark temple approach.
There are 2 crates around coordinates: X: -1093 Y: 216: Z: -26
Jump on top of these crates and then the rocks they are right next to, you will see a path cut into the mountain follow this path, then drop down on top of the large rocks protruding from the ground, then you'll easily be able to jump on top of the rock that has the datacron on it at coordinates: X: -1219 Y: 211 Z: -47

By xxxLesy at 2012-01-25 04:10:14
Level range: 10 - 16
Location: Seat of the empire
Progression line: Korriban > Dromund Kaas > Balmorra
By TacBoy at 2012-01-14 02:17:45
Galactic History 22 Datacron. +2 stat (presence?) at approximately -1217,212 in Dark Temple Approach. It is on a high rock, to get to it jump up the boxes and onto the ridge at -1089,-29. Follow the ridge and jump down on it.
By Ohnoto at 2012-02-05 14:11:47
For those looking for the datacrons on Dromund Kaas, a guide can be found at:
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