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1 - 50StandardCoruscantE R
"Lefty" GrandarakSmuggler Advanced Trainer30StandardCoruscantE R
Abiss Sol'orasGuild Master11EliteCoruscantE R
Advanced War Droid9 - 11StrongCoruscantE R
Agent Folaris12StandardCoruscantE R
Agent Galen17StrongCoruscantE R
Agent Jaffkee13StandardCoruscantE R
Agent Krand11StandardCoruscantE R
Agent Nurls Yorksin11StandardCoruscantE R
Alec Efran9StandardCoruscantE R
Alien Goods Smuggler9 - 11StandardCoruscantE R
Alton Ward1 - 50StandardCoruscantE R
AlvaniaCrew Skill Trade Vendor16StandardCoruscantE R
Angry Demonstrator9 - 16StandardCoruscantE R
Anitol Rosspar9StandardCoruscantE R
AntonosSocial Items Vendor16StandardCoruscantE R
AP-12 Peace Keeper Droid9 - 11StrongCoruscantE R
Aric Jorgan16StandardCoruscantE R
Arrisan DjoArchaeology (Gathering Trainer)50StandardCoruscantE R
Asadia BoresaSlicing (Gathering Trainer)50StandardCoruscantE R
Astromech Droid9 - 16StandardCoruscantE R
Attros Finn13StandardCoruscantE R
Aulus G'luun10EliteCoruscantE R
BadnaLight Armor Vendor16StandardCoruscantE R
BaroegStims Vendor16StandardCoruscantE R
Bartender11 - 13StandardCoruscantE R
Bartender9 - 11StandardCoruscantE R
Basher11EliteCoruscantE R
BerricWeapons Vendor16StandardCoruscantE R
Berserk Repair Droid17EliteCoruscantE R
Black Market Marauder9 - 11EliteCoruscantE R
Black Sun Abductor11StandardCoruscantE R
Black Sun Assassin11 - 13EliteCoruscantE R
Black Sun Associate10WeakCoruscantE R
Black Sun Attacker11 - 13StandardCoruscantE R
Black Sun Bandit11 - 13StrongCoruscantE R
Black Sun Bartender11 - 13StrongCoruscantE R
Black Sun Battler11 - 13EliteCoruscantE R
Black Sun Blocker Droid11 - 13EliteCoruscantE R
Black Sun Boomer Droid12 - 13Standard BossCoruscantE R
Black Sun Brawler11 - 13StandardCoruscantE R
Black Sun Bruiser11 - 13StandardCoruscantE R
Black Sun Construction Droid11 - 13StrongCoruscantE R
Black Sun Crackshot11 - 13StrongCoruscantE R
Black Sun Crimelord11 - 13StrongCoruscantE R
Black Sun Criminal11 - 13StandardCoruscantE R
Black Sun Crusher Droid11 - 13StrongCoruscantE R
Black Sun Cutter11 - 13StandardCoruscantE R
Black Sun Cutter Droid11 - 13EliteCoruscantE R
Black Sun Dealer11 - 13StandardCoruscantE R
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By Blaire at 2012-01-14 04:47:10

If you are having trouble discovering the Coruscant Spaceport, take the Shuttle Docking Bay elevator and then go up the ramp on the south side of the bay. Once up there, climb the nearest support beam (the one on the right as you look out) all the way to the top. You should be able to see above the ceiling and discover the spaceport after a moment. [Source]

Update: As of patch 1.2.0 this should now be fixed.

By Hyperlane at 2012-02-09 14:19:48
For those looking for the codex entries on Coruscant, a guide can be found at:
By Ohnoto at 2012-01-31 09:51:41
For those looking for the datacrons on Coruscant, a guide can be found at:
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