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Markaran Plains


48 NPCs found
Battle Droid C-1117EliteE R
C-13 Prototype Droid17ChampionE R
Cyborg Forward Commander15 - 16StrongE R
Defender 01-X16 - 17StandardE R
Defender 03-Z16 - 17StandardE R
Elite Droid 04-A16 - 17StrongE R
Facilities Overseer Droid17ChampionE R
Jedi Noth Armin21Standard BossE R
Korin Norrus21Standard BossE R
Lancer Squadron Captain21StrongE R
Lancer Squadron Commando21 - 22StandardE R
Lancer Squadron Infantry21 - 22StandardE R
Repair Droid16 - 17StandardE R
Resistance Armored Sentry20StandardE R
Resistance Campaigner19 - 20StrongE R
Resistance Combatant16 - 17StandardE R
Resistance Cyber Specialist19StandardE R
Resistance Cyborg Mercenary15 - 16StandardE R
Resistance Grenadier16 - 17StandardE R
Resistance Grunt20StrongE R
Resistance Guardian20StandardE R
Resistance Heavy20EliteE R
Resistance Heavy Armsman19 - 20StandardE R
Resistance Instigator19 - 20StrongE R
Resistance Liberator19StandardE R
Resistance Loyalist19 - 20StrongE R
Resistance Major20EliteE R
Resistance Master Marksman20EliteE R
Resistance Militant Loyalist18 - 19StandardE R
Resistance Operative19 - 20StandardE R
Resistance Patriot19 - 20StrongE R
Resistance Patron20 - 21StrongE R
Resistance Recruiter20 - 21StrongE R
Resistance Saboteur16 - 17StandardE R
Resistance Sharpshooter19 - 20StrongE R
Resistance Sharpshooter19 - 20StrongE R
Resistance Sniper20StandardE R
Resistance Sniper19 - 20StandardE R
Resistance Sniper19 - 20StandardE R
Resistance Sniper19 - 20StandardE R
Resistance Supporter20 - 21WeakE R
Resistance Tech Specialist19 - 20StandardE R
Resistance Veteran Gunner20StrongE R
Resistance Watchguard19StandardE R
Sergeant Tove Weylan21Standard BossE R
Sivron Flight Officer17 - 18EliteE R
Tainted Zeldrate Marshwalker20StrongE R
Tainted Zeldrate Mother20StrongE R
30 items found
NameLevelReq.SlotSell Price
Dread Sith Combatant Vest
19Chest, Slot 67345
Dread Warrior's Pulsing Chestguard
19Chest, Slot 67345
High Channeler's Vestments
19Chest, Slot 67345
Hooligan's Prototype Jacket
19Chest, Slot 67345
Imperial Coordination Prototype Jacket
19Chest, Slot 67345
Vagabond Prototype Chestguard
19Chest, Slot 67345
Ablative Terenthium Leggings
16Legs, Slot 67250
Reinforced Phrik Greaves
16Legs, Slot 67250
Tempered Terenthium Greaves
16Legs, Slot 67250
Terenthium Barrage Leggings
16Legs, Slot 67250
Terenthium Battle Leggings
16Legs, Slot 67250
Traditional Shadow Silk Lower Robe
16Legs, Slot 67250
Blade Master Gloves
19Hands, Slot 67125
Knight's Crusade Handgear
19Hands, Slot 67125
Outcast Gauntlets
19Hands, Slot 67125
Republic Coordination Gloves
19Hands, Slot 67125
Blade Master Vest
18Chest, Slot 67140
Intricate Republic Might Device
18Ear, Slot 6770
Intricate Republic Reflex Adaptor
18Ear, Slot 6770
Jedi Sage's Vestments
18Chest, Slot 67140
Outcast Chestguard
18Chest, Slot 67140
Republic Coordination Jacket
18Chest, Slot 67140
Spec Ops Jacket
18Chest, Slot 67140
Jedi Sage's Boots
16Feet, Slot 6790
Jedi Sage's Lower Robe
16Legs, Slot 67110
Knight's Crusade Greaves
16Legs, Slot 67110
Spec Ops Boots
16Feet, Slot 6790
Guerrilla Vibroknife
14Knife/Melee, Slot 67105
Saboteur Scattergun
14Scattergun/Shotgun, Slot 67105
Balmorra Commendation
Slot 67
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