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35 - 36StandardBalmorraE R
35 - 36StandardBalmorraE R
34 - 35StrongBalmorraE R
33 - 34StandardBalmorraE R
36EliteBalmorraE R
34 - 35StandardBalmorraE R
34 - 35StandardBalmorraE R
35 - 36StrongBalmorraE R
34 - 35StandardBalmorraE R
"Trick" SelerreUnderworld Trading (Mission Trainer)36StandardBalmorraE R
AA Crew Chief35 - 36StrongBalmorraE R
AA Gunnery Specialist35 - 36StandardBalmorraE R
AA Ordnance Loader35 - 36StandardBalmorraE R
abandoned_farm_droid34 - 35StandardBalmorraE R
AC-01 Sentry18 - 19StrongBalmorraE R
Administrative Complex Tech35 - 36StandardBalmorraE R
Administrative Droid AD-1216 - 17StrongBalmorraE R
Administrator Kent15StandardBalmorraE R
Admiral Ivernus19 - 20StrongBalmorraE R
Admiral Ivernus' Bodyguard17 - 20StandardBalmorraE R
Admiral Ivernus' Bodyguard17 - 20StandardBalmorraE R
Admiral Riserre33EliteBalmorraE R
Advanced Imperial Escort Droid33StrongBalmorraE R
Advanced Imperial War Droid32 - 33EliteBalmorraE R
Advanced Imperial War Droid32 - 33EliteBalmorraE R
Agent Caille32 - 33EliteBalmorraE R
Agent Jago31StandardBalmorraE R
Agent Jaylla Noh1 - 50StandardBalmorraE R
Agent Maro KamerImperial Agent Trainer20EliteBalmorraE R
Agent Nianla18StandardBalmorraE R
Agent Protarius33StrongBalmorraE R
Agent Rand LoktaImperial Agent Trainer20EliteBalmorraE R
Agent Slone16StandardBalmorraE R
Agent Veld20StandardBalmorraE R
Agile Flockrunner17 - 18StandardBalmorraE R
Aging Bormu17 - 18StrongBalmorraE R
Akaavi Spar36StrongBalmorraE R
Akaavi Spar36StrongBalmorraE R
Akaavi Spar36StrongBalmorraE R
Akaavi Spar36StrongBalmorraE R
Alison Dawn15StandardBalmorraE R
Alpha Kath Hound32 - 33StandardBalmorraE R
Alya Selray35StandardBalmorraE R
Ambassador AedoDiplomacy (Mission Trainer)36StandardBalmorraE R
Ancient Bormu33 - 34EliteBalmorraE R
Annihilator X-1217Standard BossBalmorraE R
Annihilator X-1217ChampionBalmorraE R
Apprentice Harp'r34EliteBalmorraE R
Apprentice Loell35Strong BossBalmorraE R
Apprentice Mace34EliteBalmorraE R
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By xxxLesy at 2012-01-25 04:08:32
Level range: 16 - 20
Location: Coreward worlds
Progression line: Dromund Kaas > Balmorra > Nar Shaddaa
By airman4nba at 2012-02-17 17:23:34
in order to fully explore Balmorra (Sundari Flatlands) you need to take the quest Resistance Sympathizers from a mission drop box in Sundari Imperial Outpost
By Black4ugust at 2012-01-30 01:26:55
To add onto TacBoy's comment, If you get trapped inside after getting the Datacron, there is a panel to the left of the shield that should let you out.
By Tovio at 2012-03-10 13:43:08
you receive MALAVI QUINN here if you are a sith warrior.
By TacBoy at 2012-01-24 00:34:55
Galactic History #30 Datacron. Green matrix shard. It is on the second floor of the Neebray Warehouse. You need two people to get it. There are two switches that must be activated at the same time to allow entry to the room. Entrance at about -470,80.
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