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28 - 29StandardAlderaanE R
1 - 50StandardAlderaanE R
"Two Tails" LeronUnderworld Trading (Mission Trainer)32StandardAlderaanE R
A2-E11 - 50StandardAlderaanE R
Abomination30 - 31StandardAlderaanE R
Abyssin Commander30 - 31StrongAlderaanE R
Abyssin Mercenary30 - 31StandardAlderaanE R
Abyssin Mercenary30 - 31StandardAlderaanE R
Abyssin Pilot30 - 31StrongAlderaanE R
Abyssin Security Probe30 - 31StrongAlderaanE R
Abyssin Sniper30 - 31StandardAlderaanE R
Abyssin Soldier30 - 31StandardAlderaanE R
Abyssin Technician30 - 31StandardAlderaanE R
Advozsec Initiate40StrongAlderaanE R
Advozsec Specialist40EliteAlderaanE R
Advozsec Tracker40EliteAlderaanE R
Aesea Waylayer30 - 31WeakAlderaanE R
Agent Essor40StrongAlderaanE R
Agent Shyrack40StrongAlderaanE R
Agent Tyuth41StandardAlderaanE R
Agent Vikurs29StandardAlderaanE R
Aging Nerf31 - 32StrongAlderaanE R
Agitated Killik Larvae40WeakAlderaanE R
AlcinaStims Vendor32StandardAlderaanE R
Alde Aide28 - 29StandardAlderaanE R
Alde Ambassador28 - 29StandardAlderaanE R
Alde Artillery Droid28 - 29EliteAlderaanE R
Alde Captain29 - 30Standard BossAlderaanE R
Alde Citizen28 - 29StandardAlderaanE R
Alde Curator29StandardAlderaanE R
Alde Defender29 - 30EliteAlderaanE R
Alde Defender29 - 30StandardAlderaanE R
Alde Delegate30 - 31StandardAlderaanE R
Alde Diplomat28 - 29StandardAlderaanE R
Alde Elite Guard28 - 29StrongAlderaanE R
Alde Estate Captain29 - 30StrongAlderaanE R
Alde Estate Guard29 - 30StandardAlderaanE R
Alde Guard28 - 29StandardAlderaanE R
Alde Guard28 - 29WeakAlderaanE R
Alde Guard28 - 29StandardAlderaanE R
Alde Guard28 - 29StandardAlderaanE R
Alde Guardian30 - 31EliteAlderaanE R
Alde Guardian Droid29 - 30Strong BossAlderaanE R
Alde Gunner28 - 29StrongAlderaanE R
Alde Laborer29 - 30StandardAlderaanE R
Alde Librarian29 - 30WeakAlderaanE R
Alde Library Droid29 - 30StandardAlderaanE R
Alde Library Guard29 - 30StrongAlderaanE R
Alde Library Patron29 - 30WeakAlderaanE R
Alde Messenger Droid28 - 29StandardAlderaanE R
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By Hyperlane at 2012-04-06 12:46:42
If you are having trouble revealing the entire Juran Mountains map, the missing area is probably the Alsakan Overlook. This area is a semi-hidden clearing at the very southern tip of the map. Follow the path that winds up the mountain until you reach the summit. Then, look to the south for a snowy hill to slide down (you can walk back up). Don't go into the ruins as that is too far down the path. A nice bonus for finding this place, other than getting the map, is that a chest spawns down here too, lol.
By xxxLesy at 2012-01-25 04:05:48
Level range: 28 - 32
Location: Coreward worlds
Progression line: Tatooine > Alderaan > Taris
By Nosida07 at 2012-02-08 10:42:11
Level Range: 28 - 32
Location: Core Worlds
Progression Line: Tatooine > Alderaan > Balmorra
By Totmacher at 2012-04-27 11:44:49
Personally I am having trouble surveying Juran mountains, I have 15 "hexes" left to fill yet I have the "achv" for surveying all of Alderaan. So any ideas would be great.
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