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The available alternatives to Star Wars Torhead

To improve the data gathering tools, “TORCommunity” has been working on a replacement suitable for replacing Torhead. “/u/swtor-miner” on the other hand, has developed a database. This database gets all the data and information exported to SQL as well as other resourceful stuff. The closely related website known as “/u/swtor-conquest” has also been working on a mechanism of replacing the Torhead. All these alternatives are highlighted and discussed below.The currently available and ready alternatives to users include;

1. This site provides selected guides and directions for various titles such as Guild Wars 2, Secret World as well as the Star Wars.

2. This is a site with a database containing information on items, quests, and companions. It also has a talent calculator, news, and guides.

3. As mentioned above, this alternative is a valuable tool that improves the gathering of the data. It supports Star Wars as well as other favorite online games.

4. These are popular sites that comprise of original data and information that is very useful to users.

Before choosing any of the alternatives mentioned above, you must determine their strengths and weakness since each has its pros and cons. Identify their resources as well as their user-friendliness before making a selection. Sites which have databases and are user-friendly are the best option. In case you experience any challenge when using any of the sites mentioned above, you should consider changing or migrating to another more efficient and resourceful site. Remember, you can also use Way-back Machine when it comes to sourcing of information.