Cooldown: 45s
Range: 4 m
Kicks the target, dealing 1298 kinetic damage to weak and standard targets, and 945 kinetic damage to strong targets. Only usable on incapacitated targets.

Note: Damage and healing values are based off a level 50 character in green gear. Our staff are still adjusting and adding effects to the formulas, so bear with us as we continue to improve these numbers for launch.

Ability Details

Dispel typen/a
GCD categoryn/a
Range4 meters
Cast timeInstant
Cooldown45 seconds
GCD0 seconds
Effect details


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By Cracked at 2012-01-03 14:07:19
This ability is, in fact, usable against targets afflicted by force lift. I can, however, confirm that this ability cannot be used against elites or champions (golden stars) - even if you can incapacitate them, which limits the use of this spell. It is a great starter move for when you have a mob force lifted though.
By Farmbuyer at 2012-02-17 11:06:13

From my personal experience:

  • Mind Maze qualifies.
  • Force Stun qualifies.
  • Force Lift qualifies.
  • Holiday qualifies. Since she'll typically "attack" your first target during a pull, pause after your opening sequence so that you don't break the daze due to lag. Wait for the victim's eyes to glaze over, then Tumult to the face. This makes it easy to use on Strong mobs, even while tanking.
  • The stun after a Project qualifies, but the target must be weak or standard to be stunned in the first place.

There are some more but that'll do for new Tumult users to get started.

By Kurvah at 2014-04-07 23:16:08
This was removed from the game in 2.0
By ebbnflowz at 2011-12-10 12:07:36
What are consular incapacitate abilities that will trigger this ability as active/useable? Force Stun? Force Lift?
By anonymous84 at 2011-12-10 14:34:21

Stun must qualify surely, Force lift does seem to incapacitate as the target is unable to take action, but the target could be too high in the air to kick, but this is a game so they could ignore that :)

also the [Kinetic Collapse] adv skill states that it incapacitates so I assume that will work too, the Dark side equivalent to this states that it "blinds" the enemy so assuming the spells are balanced equally then blind effect would also count as incapacitated, we don't have a blind but could be useful to combo with another classes blind.
[Force Wake] 5 second root probably won't work though, it is listed as an immobilize

Edit: apparently this does not work in PvP..

By Yuzuru at 2011-12-21 14:21:13

Incapacitation refers to any kind of stun ability, however brief. For example the short stun applied to normal targets after being hit by project counts. Crowd Control abilities like lift do not count as incapacitation. It is a great finishing move after you've hit a target with project.

This ability is not usable against players.

By roychampion at 2012-02-16 19:39:20
I've only been able to use Tumult while Force Lifting or having a NPC incapacitated with Mind Maze.
By anonymous84 at 2011-12-09 21:27:53

Never got high enough lvl to use it myself, depends on the damage of course, can't trust the torhead numbers right now (at time of writing: 3753-3906 (weak/standard) . 2712-2865(strong/PvP)
could be fun with [Force potency /-/ Stun /-/ Tumult before stun is 'escaped' /-/ Project] hoping for crits for both spells
I can see players using this to humiliate their opponents, stunning them at very low hp then kicking them to death for fun, I hope the enimation is good :)
Edit: apparently this does not work in PvP..

Edit: Force stun does damage so if casted after force potency it might use one of the charges up, will have to Stun first then quickly press force potency while the GCD is going, followed by a kick

Just noticed the CD is noted at 45 seconds, that is huge, makes me think the damage numbers could be accurate after all

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