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  • Requires level 1


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Weapon Proficiency: Techblade

Weapon Proficiency: Techblade
Able to equip techblades and other one-handed melee weapons tied to the Aim attribute.

Note: Damage and healing values are based off a level 50 character in green gear. Our staff are still adjusting and adding effects to the formulas, so bear with us as we continue to improve these numbers for launch.

Ability Details

Dispel typen/a
GCD categoryn/a
Cast timen/a
GCD0 seconds
Effect details


31 NPCs found
Akaavi Spar1 - 50StandardE R
Akaavi Spar1 - 50StandardE R
Akaavi Spar1StandardE R
Qyzen Fess1 - 50StandardNar ShaddaaE R
Qyzen Fess1 - 50StandardE R
Qyzen Fess1 - 50StandardE R
Qyzen Fess1 - 50StandardE R
Qyzen Fess26StandardAlderaanE R
Qyzen Fess7StandardBalmorraE R
Qyzen Fess1StandardE R
SCORPIO1 - 50StandardE R
SCORPIO1 - 50StandardE R
Skadge1 - 50StandardE R
Skadge1 - 50StandardE R
Skadge1StandardE R
Tanno Vik1 - 50StandardE R
Tanno Vik1 - 50StandardE R
Tanno Vik1 - 50StandardE R
Tanno Vik1StandardE R
Torian Cadera1 - 50StandardHothE R
Torian Cadera1 - 50StandardE R
Torian Cadera1 - 50StandardE R
Torian Cadera1 - 50StandardE R
Torian Cadera32StandardE R
Torian Cadera1StandardE R
Yuun1 - 50StandardBalmorraE R
Yuun1 - 50StandardE R
Yuun1 - 50StandardE R
Yuun42StandardE R
Yuun1StandardE R
9 comments found
By Ytterbug at 2013-07-08 18:25:08

to sum up so far: of no use to any main character ever. potential is for:
- Bounty Hunters using Torian and/or Skadge; Agents using SCORPIO
- Consulars using Qyzen; Smugglers using Akaavi; Troopers using Vik and/or Yuun

so Imperial Armstechs shouldn't bother developing their low-level Techblade designs... unless they suspect that some Consular will pay good creds in Nar Shaddaa to equip li'l Qyzen.

By Spro at 2011-12-30 18:04:22
Qyzen Fess isn't the only one, as it's the only weapon SCORPIO of the Imperial Agent can use. You'll get her on Belsavis, and finding a replacement for her complimentary green one is rough. A level 50 mission on the same planet is supposed to reward you with a custom weapon for any of your given companions, and provides a blue (non-custom) one of these for SCORPIO, but as far as I'm aware...it's the only one currently available in the game for her to use outside of her own.
By Fuseitana at 2011-12-31 04:04:45

This is also used by the Bounty Hunter companion Torian Cadera, he's something of an AOE tank. I think these companions more or less use the stats of the player's class. I believe this is to facilitate hand-me-downs and to eliminate ninjaing gear because "my companion can use that STR gear".

But, there is a serious shortage of these Techblades & Techstaffs. This shortage needs to be addressed by BW.

By JarlAxl at 2014-01-01 23:22:22
In case anybody is interested there are customizable techblades and techstaves for sale, although they are green instead of orange. I just saw one on Tatooine's Specialty Items vendor, perhaps there are more in other planets.
By Ytterbug at 2013-07-08 17:47:56

"Most companions also don't use the same stats as the class they come from."

this perception could be explained by the fact that companions, by design, don't 'come from' any class. if they did there would be more than enough incentive for swtordotcom to add 'class' to each list of companion details.

By Junyed at 2012-01-19 05:51:11

The crew skill armstech creates techblades, techstaves, vibroknives, vibroblades, basically every non-lightsaber melee weapon.

Most companions also don't use the same stats as the class they come from.

By Jyde at 2011-12-14 23:21:04
Why does a melee weapon use an attribute like aim, when the attribute states it is for ranged weapons?
By Moonrend at 2011-12-18 23:46:24
Only the companion Qyzen Fess (1st Companion of Jedi consulars) has this Proficiency.
Qyzen's Main stats are Aim and Endurance so he shares other equipment with troopers.
Techblades are also quite rare so do not expect to find many as drops.
By Anathale at 2012-01-19 23:05:35
One of the companions for trooper uses techblades and his primary attribute is aim, not sure about the other classes.
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