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  • Requires level 1



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Double Strike

Double Strike
Force: 25
Range: 4 m
Strikes the target twice. Each hit deals 1120 - 1197 weapon damage.

Note: Damage and healing values are based off a level 50 character in green gear. Our staff are still adjusting and adding effects to the formulas, so bear with us as we continue to improve these numbers for launch.

Ability Details

Dispel typen/a
GCD categoryn/a
Cost25 Force
Range4 meters
Cast timeInstant
GCD0 seconds
Effect details


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Double Strike
4 meters7.5 secs
Double Strike
4 meters4.5 secs
Double Strike
4 meters6 secs
Double Strike
4 meters4.5 secs
Double Strike
4 meters6 secs
4 comments found
By Delphwind at 2012-06-18 14:40:23

As a Jedi Kinetic Shadow I find myself using this skill more often than any other.

At lower levels It was equal to other skills such as Project, but with all the buffs it gets from talents it becomes one of your most used skills.

Reduces the force cost by 2 and Project by 6

Force Synergy:
When you crit from any ability your MELEE crit chance is increased by 9% for 10 seconds ... Double Strike is your PRIMARY melee ability

Applied Force:
Increases the damage of Double Strike by 6%

Particle Acceleration:
This is where Double Strike really begins to shine (you can get this talent at level 20)
There is a 30% chance everytime Double Strike does damage to reset the cooldown of Project, and make the next Project an automatic critical hit. In addition if you activate Force Potency before casting said Project spell it will do an additional 50% damage!

By CaIhoun at 2011-12-16 18:17:03
Actually, this is your best attack at lower levels. It does more damage than Project at almost half the Force cost.
By Kurvah at 2014-07-22 12:22:21
Speaking as a 34th level Shadow-infiltration @ v2.8: Double strike is my bread and butter attack because there is no CD and it triggers Circling Shadows (around 23rd level). Two stacks of Circling Shadows reduces the force cost of Project to 22. If none of my other attacks are up or quite fit the situation, then DS > DS > Project is my go to main stay. If I want to spam this rotation, I have to add something else in there or I will be waiting on the Project CD. Going DS > DS > DS > Project soaks up your force pool pretty quick. I will usually do a Slow > DS > DS > (or Throw) > Project if I am trying to generate and use two stacks of circling shadows back to back. For PvP, cast Slow in place of throw so you can keep moving around as Throw requires you to stand in place.
By blackxdragon83 at 2011-11-26 03:02:16
This is the third ability I use at lower levels, I feel it is the second most powerful ability doing some good damage.
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