Quick Facts

  • Requires level 25



Speeder Training Montage

Speeder Piloting

Speeder Piloting
Able to ride speeder bikes.

Note: Damage and healing values are based off a level 50 character in green gear. Our staff are still adjusting and adding effects to the formulas, so bear with us as we continue to improve these numbers for launch.

Ability Details

Dispel typen/a
GCD categoryn/a
Cast timen/a
GCD0 seconds
Effect details


23 comments found
By iceeagle at 2011-12-24 11:43:26
And the bike costs for each skill level are:
90% = 8k
100% = 25k
110% = 55k
By Barracus at 2011-12-18 14:35:23

Taken from http://www.hotrodacc.com/swtor/speeder.html,

- At level 25, 90% speeder training costs 40k credits
- At level 40, 100% speeder training costs 210k credits
- At level 50, 110% speeder training costs 330k credits

By BobSassafrass at 2012-01-09 15:36:49
Something I just found out, you have to buy rank 2 before 3. So you cannot hope to skip ahead to rank 3 once you hit 50 and forgo the 210k cost.
By Eyphix at 2012-01-06 19:33:32
@nukedude It seems there is more than just the 10% increase in speed, with each increase in quality of speeder the amount of damage you can take before it blows up and dismounts you is also increased. I was using the 90% speeder and the slightest breeze would knock me to the ground, my friend on his 100% could take a couple volleys from a pack of enemies before he got knocked off. I can only assume this effect increases again for 110% speeders.
By luser at 2012-01-01 20:33:22
I was wondering where to get this, before I got to 25. It's obvious once you're at that level, but you get this from your class trainer.
By Lucai at 2011-11-26 22:36:04
Rank 2 costs 210k and the rank 2 speeder costs 25k for a total of 235k.
By MisfitLisa at 2012-04-14 10:07:53
Level 50 speeder training after 1.2 is now only 220k :)
By WyzrdX at 2011-12-30 09:23:44
Not sure where you got your info but even during the beta, planets beyond starting just got bigger. Tattoine is the first one where this ability is greatly appreciated.
By Guttsy911 at 2012-01-13 00:28:06
A little fun fact... I was doing missions in the Corellian Sector on Nar Shaddaa when i found a speeder to use at the side of the road. It certainly was faster than walking but I do not know the level of it. It just said when i moused over it "commissioned speeder" (if I remember correctly). I was level 20 then so it was pretty funny suddenly being able to test ride one :). Of course it broke/exploded/vanished as soon as I talked to an npc (or if i had jumped off it i believe but I did not try that). I have been at that spot several times later and not found any so maby I was lucky? Any other with similar experiences? I got so excited I forgot to take screenshot but it was a rusty small "old" one...
By Gauvain at 2011-12-02 10:24:06
Speeders at 25 are fine i think. I got 25 shortly before a was able to fly to Tatooine and i feel like this is the first planet where you really want a Speeder. The first Planets after the origin Worlds are large, but everything is still quite easy to reach.
By Shockrah at 2012-02-06 13:58:42
By kilzaar at 2011-11-24 13:59:17
the planets are so damn small these are almost unnecessary

if this wasn't so funny it would be called a troll. Thanks for the chuckle :)

By Sharpshot94549 at 2012-06-03 19:06:08
they've changed it in 1.2
Rank 1: 35k
Rank 2: 150k
Rank 3: ? not 50 yet
By ravikk at 2012-07-14 14:46:36
Shockrah: The "commisioned" speeder you found in that Corellian Sector on Nar Shaddaa has those speeders available to all to help you navigate on your mission, since many who do that area do not have speeders and have long distances to travel. It helps spped up all your missions there but each disappears when you get off or transact/interact with a NPC.
By Noevil at 2011-11-23 15:32:33
Everything thing that Xarthat said is correct at the time of this writing. It's a skill that you train normally from your class trainer, and it enables you to ride different levels of speeders. This first level if 40k credits and your first speeder is 4k bringing total speeder training cost to 44k.
By nukedude at 2011-12-26 01:46:12
Would you spend 200k and 300k respectively for a 10% speed increase?
I say when I have nothing else to blow it on.
By frenchyfries at 2011-11-24 19:28:00
The starting planets are not that big. But some of the other planets are HUGE. This will be much needed. But i hope they will add faster speeders. For right now they seem to slow compared to the distance you have to travel.
By aznthecapn at 2011-12-21 16:01:53
Planets are huge beyond the starting ones. And even they aren't that small.
By Xarthat at 2011-11-23 08:20:20
It looks like this is your "riding" skill in tOR, and your "mounts" are various speeder bikes. From the item tooltips, it appears there are three levels of this skill, first granting 90% speed increase (at level 25), second granting 100% speed increase (at level 40), and third granting 110% speed increase (at level 50, level cap AFAIK). Keep in mind this is all my conclusions from data here in Torhead, so if anyone who have actually played the beta can confirm/correct, I'd be grateful.
By felipelam1978 at 2011-12-02 09:48:26
Worlds pass Tattoine are huge, even Taris and Nar Shadda which are in the early 20s take a long time to traverse. i wish they would have speeder at 20. but at least most classes get the out of combat sprint.
By Shockrah at 2012-02-06 13:56:55
By BobSassafrass at 2012-01-09 15:36:49
Something I just found out, you have to buy rank 2 before 3. So you cannot hope to skip ahead to rank 3 once you hit 50 and forgo the 210k cost.

Did you learn how to fly a jet before you could read or walk? I guess the phrase "Common Sense is NOT common knowledge" is true in your case.

By Gauvain at 2011-11-29 05:46:12
Looks like they changed the Speeder cost, cause i looked while the Beta Weekend was in progress and the cheapest Speeder were stated at 8k Credits
By Draelin at 2011-11-30 17:22:06
this weekend test prices were 40K credits for this and 8K credits for the first speeder. could change with the final/live build releasing this week.
By kilzaar at 2011-11-24 13:59:17
the planets are so damn small these are almost unnecessary
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