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  • Requires level 1


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Heat Blast

Heat Blast
Cooldown: 15s
Range: 10 m
Fires a shot that consumes all Heat Screens to deal 1035 - 1382 elemental damage, vent 10 heat, and increase shield absorption by 25% for 6 seconds. This ability is only usable with 3 Heat Screens and does not respect the global cooldown.

Note: Damage and healing values are based off a level 50 character in green gear. Our staff are still adjusting and adding effects to the formulas, so bear with us as we continue to improve these numbers for launch.

Ability Details

Dispel typen/a
GCD categoryn/a
Range10 meters
Cast timeInstant
Cooldown15 seconds
GCD0 seconds
Effect details


4 abilities found
Heat Blast
35 meters15 secs
Heat Blast
35 meters15 secs
Heat Blast
35 meters15 secs
Heat Blast
35 meters15 secs
9 comments found
By kcm117 at 2011-12-30 23:21:53
This ability sucks in actual usage. The effect/animation is lame and as others have stated, it pales in comparison to the top-tree abilities in other trees and compared to other classes.
Why not have the ability at the top of the tanking tree be something that causes high threat, or an aoe or something. It should be something Similar to Immolate, but with high threat. Or something along the lines of energy shield.
By Darklink136 at 2011-11-24 20:56:05
Neofalcon, damage helps generate threat. And if I'm reading the skill correctly, it actually decreases the amount of heat you have stored, allowing the tank to use more skills.
By TsyBeck at 2011-12-07 11:09:43
Trooper mirror is Energy Blast
By Infernus at 2012-03-17 04:17:20
This fits into the tanks rotation for aoe and single target threat management as the last ability keyed before restarting the tanking cycle. It provides a burst of threat and vents heat for the tank where his rotation may have had some unlucky random rolls for heat venting procs, depending on how talents were taken. This ability keeps tank heat under 50% for most boss encounters.
By Neofalcon at 2011-11-24 20:52:58
This seems like a rather odd talent to have at the end of the tanking tree - why would a tank spend a point on something that increases damage dealt? This is especially true when that point can be spent on things that DO decrease damage taken - such as Power Armor and Integrated Cardio Package, which are early in the other trees.
By cyvaris at 2011-11-24 20:58:11
Darklink has it right, the ability vents heat...which is rather nice as most add heat. Those that do vent it don't do a ton of damage.
By triaxis2020 at 2011-12-10 14:37:48
While I do agree with all of you on the point that it is a good ability for managing heat, thus threat, it pales compared to Wither and Crushing Blow that the Assassin and Warrior get for their top tier ability. Wither does the same/more damage to 5 targets, lower cooldown, -5% damage on target and has a 'High Threat' attached to it. Crushing Blow literately deals THREE times the damage of Heat Blast on it's second hit after a sunder and second use on it's 15 sec CD. I feel like we got the short end of the poodoo stick here. Sure, it vents 8 heat, but on a mildly long cooldown of 15 seconds. I could see it being on a 6 sec, or even tack on a Threat + to it. Something.
By Neofalcon at 2011-11-24 23:21:52
Ah, I hadn't noticed that it removes heat. That's what makes this good then. As for generating threat, well, my experience tanking in WoW is that reducing the amount of damage you take is more important than increasing threat, but since none of us have done endgame TOR content yet, it's hard to know if that will be applicable here as well.
By Noevil at 2011-11-25 09:10:32
What's the point of all the damage reduction you have if you can't keep the boss on you? Threat generation is an important ability for a tank, though most games in the past have trivialized it.
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