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Battle Readiness
50Jedi Shadow120 secs
36Jedi Shadow60 secs
Cloud Mind
30Jedi Sage45 secs
Mass Mind Control
30Jedi Shadow45 secs
Mental Alacrity
28Jedi Sage120 secs
Speeder Piloting
25Jedi Consular
24Jedi Shadow120 secs
22Jedi Shadow60 secs
Force Cloak
22Jedi Shadow120 secs
Noble Sacrifice
20Jedi Sage1.5 secs
Mind Snap
18Jedi Consular10 meters12 secs
Force Mend
18Jedi Sage30 secs
Mind Control
16Jedi Shadow30 meters15 secs
Force Speed
16Jedi Consular20 secs
Heroic Moment: Channel the Force
15Jedi Consular1200 secs
Combat Technique
14Jedi Shadow
14Jedi Shadow30 meters
Armor Proficiency: Shield Generator
10Jedi Shadow
Weapon Proficiency: Double-Bladed Lightsaber
10Jedi Shadow
Jedi Healer
10Jedi Sage
Force Reach
10Jedi Sage
10Jedi Shadow
Emergency Fleet Pass
10Jedi Consular43200 secs
Armor Proficiency: Focus
10Jedi Consular
Force Technique
10Jedi Shadow
Shadow's Training
10Jedi Shadow
Force Studies
10Jedi Sage
10Jedi Consular
Weapon Proficiency: Electrostaff
10Jedi Shadow
Force of Will
9Jedi Consular120 secs
Force Potency
8Jedi Consular90 secs
Force Stun
6Jedi Consular10 meters60 secs
Force Wave
3Jedi Consular20 secs
Kinetic Ward
1Jedi Shadow15 secs
Armor Proficiency: Adaptive
1Jedi Consular
Force Valor
1Jedi Consular30 meters6 secs
Armor Proficiency: Light
1Jedi Consular
Mental Alacrity
1Jedi Sage120 secs
1Jedi Consular
Weapon Proficiency: Vibrosword
1Jedi Consular
Saber Strike
1Jedi Consular4 meters
Shadow Technique
1Jedi Shadow
Weapon Proficiency: Lightsaber
1Jedi Consular
Weapon Proficiency: Training Saber
1Jedi Consular
Switching Instances...
1Jedi Consular
Force Pull
1Jedi Shadow30 meters45 secs
Quick Travel
1Jedi Consular
1Jedi Consular0.5 secs
Force Slow
22Jedi Consular15 Force10 meters12 secs
Spinning Kick
42Jedi Shadow20 Force4 meters30 secs