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Armor Proficiency: Adaptive
1Jedi Knight
Armor Proficiency: Focus
10Jedi Guardian
Armor Proficiency: Heavy
10Jedi Guardian
Armor Proficiency: Light
1Jedi Knight
Armor Proficiency: Medium
1Jedi Knight
Armor Proficiency: Shield Generator
10Jedi Guardian
Ataru Form
1Jedi Sentinel
42Jedi Knight60 secs
Blade Rush
1Jedi Sentinel3 Action Points4 meters
Blade Storm
6Jedi Knight4 Action Points10 meters12 secs
Blade Turning
10Jedi Guardian
12Jedi Sentinel2 Action Points4 meters15 secs
10Jedi Sentinel
Challenging Call
30Jedi Guardian45 secs
Combat Focus
22Jedi Guardian45 secs
Crippling Throw
18Jedi Sentinel3 Action Points10 meters12 secs
Cyclone Slash
32Jedi Knight3 Action Points4 meters
Disable Droid
28Jedi Sentinel30 meters
46Jedi Knight3 Action Points10 meters6 secs
Dual Wield
10Jedi Sentinel
Emergency Fleet Pass
10Jedi Knight43200 secs
28Jedi Guardian60 secs
Focused Defense
38Jedi Guardian120 secs
Force Camouflage
30Jedi Sentinel45 secs
Force Exhaustion
1Jedi Sentinel4 Action Points10 meters18 secs
Force Kick
18Jedi Knight4 meters8 secs
Force Leap
2Jedi Knight30 meters15 secs
Force Might
1Jedi Knight30 meters6 secs
Force Push
26Jedi Guardian10 meters60 secs
Force Stasis
24Jedi Knight10 meters60 secs
Force Sweep
3Jedi Knight3 Action Points5 meters15 secs
Freezing Force
12Jedi Guardian2 Action Points
14Jedi Guardian30 meters
Guarded by the Force
38Jedi Sentinel120 secs
Guardian Leap
50Jedi Guardian30 meters20 secs
Guardian Slash
1Jedi Guardian4 Action Points4 meters12 secs
Heroic Moment: Call On the Force
15Jedi Knight1200 secs
Hilt Strike
1Jedi Guardian4 meters60 secs
1Jedi Knight0.5 secs
44Jedi Sentinel300 secs
1Jedi Knight
Juyo Form
14Jedi Sentinel
Leg Slash
16Jedi Sentinel2 Action Points4 meters
Master Strike
8Jedi Knight4 meters30 secs
Merciless Slash
1Jedi Sentinel4 Action Points4 meters12 secs
Overhead Slash
1Jedi Guardian4 Action Points4 meters15 secs
Overload Saber
1Jedi Sentinel3 Action Points12 secs
26Jedi Sentinel4 meters60 secs
Plasma Brand
1Jedi Guardian5 Action Points4 meters12 secs
Precision Slash
1Jedi Sentinel1 Action Points4 meters15 secs