is Back!

We Are Back!

First of all, from the entire team here at Torhead. We are sincerely sorry for falling off the face of the earth. We’re not going to make any excuses or anything of that nature. We just really want to apologize for disappearing without telling any of our fans.

The Reason We Disappeared

The main reason we took a long break was because of the lack of traffic out site was receiving back in 2013. We simply weren’t earning enough in revenue to cover our expenses and the Wowhead team made the group decision that it was best we shut down the site before the expenses left us bankrupt.  The fact of the matter is that Star Wars gaming simply wasn’t a big enough niche for us to cover.

For this reason, we will now be re-branding as an all things video game site.

We’ve taken a long break but we are pleased to finally be back! We will be launching a ton of new content over the next few months, and in 2018. We hope that our die hard Torhead fans will still be around to show us some love.

There will be more of the following being posted every single week:

  • Video Game Tutorials
  • Video Game Reviews
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Blog Posts About All Things Gaming

We are super excited to be back and are hungry as ever to build back the brand that once was. Torhead will now be focused on providing weekly and monthly content for our fans that have stuck by us from the start. We’ve been reading all the forum posts asking where we’ve gone, and we are super pumped up to be back.

We’ve hired a brand new team of in-house content creators that have over 50 years of combined experience in the video game industry. Needless to say we are ready to make a full come-back and build back up the brand that once was.

New Video Game Content Posted Monthly

We are going to be making content on a weekly and monthly basis. The schedule will look something like this:

  1. Every week we will be adding a new blog post that’s related to video games.
  2. Every month we will be reviewing a new video game.
  3. Every month we will release a new video game tutorial.
  4. We will also be randomly adding other articles related to video games, and will aim to do this on a weekly basis.

We’ve been blown away by the amount of people that have messaged us on Facebook asking us where we went, or if we’d make a return. We just want to say from the bottom of our hearts, thank you. We love our fans more than anything, and you are the reason we have made a return. We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for our loyal video game junky fans that have made this possible for us to make a return. We were able to secure funding for the next year (2018) and are super excited to be back in full swing.

So if you’re looking for anything related to gaming, should be your go to website. Be sure to follow us and check back regularly for new content on a weekly basis. We look forward to being back and can’t wait to start pumping our regular content to our loyal fan base.